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Issues with test executions export in Zephyr for JIRA server

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Problem statement:

Test Executions export is not working in Zephyr for JIRA server



Test executions export to csv or excel do not work at some times. The reason for this issue could be missing test step execution statuses (no status at all). It may be observed that there may be a single execution that prevent the bulk export from completing. Only the progress bar is shown and actual export file is not downloaded. 

When the problematic executions are unchecked the export takes place as expected. 



Connect the the database that is configured with JIRA.

Please use the below SQL queries to find out all the steps that have empty execution results.


Once you have the results for any of the above queries, You can go to Tests => Search Test Executions and use the below mentioned zql query to filter the executions that contain the steps with no results. Please use the SCHEDULE_ID found in the above queries and use it in the in query below.

execution in (65, 78)



Zephyr for Jira Server version. 

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