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Import all Users to Zephyr Enterprise Edition

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Please find the attached zeejavarestclient.zip file and extract the same. Follow the below steps to import your users in bulk.

1. After extracting the zip file, inside zeejavarestclient you will find a users.csv sample file,which contains the users to be added into Zephyr.

2. Open the command prompt. 

3. Run the below command to import your users in bulk.


java -cp .;/Users/<<Path to Extracted Folder>>/zeejavarestclient/lib/* com.thed.ZEEJavaRestClient  <<ZEE Server URL>>  /Users/<<Path to Extracted Folder>>/zeejavarestclient/users.csv <<username >> <<password>>


java -cp .;C:\Users\raksh\Desktop\elastic\zeejavarestclient\lib\* com.thed.ZEEJavaRestClient  http://localhost:81C:\Users\raksh\Desktop\elastic\zeejavarestclient\users.CSV test.manager test.manager


Please note the below points before uploading users to Zephyr in bulk-

1. All letters in the email address column should be in lowercases.

2. Importing CSV file should be in the same attached users.CSV format.

3. The field names such as lastName, firstName, email, username, loginName, location, roleId and rolename should be on same order A,B,C, D,E,F,G and H respectively. Also make sure to enter the field names as specified in the CSV file.

We are also attaching the users.CSV file for your reference. Always compare your uploading user file with this.


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