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Not able to execute test case in Zephyr for Jira Cloud (Reported on 02/20/2018)

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Issue :

Zephyr plug in for Test Execution is not working. Currently the page isn’t loading and we just get the below


Root Cause :

Atlassian made some changes in the Old UI."renderedFields" property is no longer returned in the issue api response. This was used to render the description field as "issue.renderedFields.description". This is resulting in the script error due to which the page is not loading.

Fix/Workaround :

We checked with our internal team and issue is occurring for old UI. For now workaround could be switch to new ADG UI. Meanwhile our team is working with Jira to incorporate the changes they made and fix to the desired behavior in the old UI

For now please switch to new ADG UI-> Test menu-> click on ADG UI ->Tick on Preview Beta ADG style for Zephyr.

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