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Importer Error:Unexpected response code: 500

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Issue :

While using Zephyr for Jira Importer receiving inconsistent "Error:Unexpected response code: 500" leading to Test Steps and Expected results not getting displayed


There is something in your network like VPN,firewall or security settings or any other web filtering tools that is causing this unexpected behaviour

Apart from the customers cloud url and "https://prod-api.zephyr4jiracloud.com/connect" there is nothing else from our end that needs to be white listed

We would suggest you to involve your internal network team to check/investigate for the calls or requests and responses to and from your network while using the importer that is prompting the 500 error ( which is generally the error code for internal server error).This would help your network team to take the necessary steps for making the importer consistent in your company network


You will have to completely bypass the traffic coming to and from the import tool from any of the means mentioned above for example : web filtering tools .Once your network team does that you will be able to successfully import test cases without any issues

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