Having issue with our Importer utility for Zephyr for Jira Cloud.Please click here for the steps to resolve the issue.
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Test details not showing up and the below error message is displayed.


Update the Zephyr plugin and perform a JIRA and Zephyr for JIRA re-index.

Re-indexing JIRA :

1.Log in as a user with the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission.
2.Choose Administration > System
3.Select Advanced > Indexing on the left pane to open the Indexing Page
4.This page allows you to choose one of the following two re-indexing options:
a. Background re-index — This will re-index all issues in the background.
b. Lock JIRA and rebuild index — This will delete and rebuild all indices, including the comment and change history indices.
5.Select Background re-index and Click on Re-Index.
This will complete re-indexing JIRA.

Re-index Zephyr for JIRA:
1. In JIRA Administration, navigate to the Plugins Menu item.
2. Select the menu item "Zephyr for JIRA" under Add-ons.
3. In the General Configuration Screen that comes up, click "Re-Index.

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Title:               com.thed.zephyr.je.view_issue_steps_section        

Product:            Zephyr for JIRA Server/Datacenter

Version:             2.6.2

Summary:         Upgrade the plugin and reindex both JIRA and Zephyr for JIRA.





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