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How to Change the Attachments directory in Zephyr Enterprise Edition

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Problem : How to change the attachment directory to other location when the disk space is running low or the 

Solution :  Attachments is part of Zephyrdata directory where the attachments and other temp data is stored. If you want to change the attachment directory you have change the location of zephyrdata directory. Changing only attachment directory will not work and will result in unknown issues and data loss.

Instructions to move Zephyrdata to a new location :

  • Stop Zephyr Service
  • Take a backup of zephyrdata folder present under <Zephyr_Installation_Directory>

         For a defaut Installation it will be

              Windows - C:\Program Files\Zephyr\
              Linux - /opt/ Zephyr/

  • Move the directory zephyrdata to a new location with all the files in it. (DO NOT DELETE ANY FILES)
  • Navigate to the location <Zephyr_Installation_Directory> \tomcat\webapps\flex\WEB-INF\classes for a defaut Installation the complete path will be will be
    • Windows - C:\Program Files\Zephyr\tomcat\webapps\flex\WEB-INF\classes
    • Linux - /opt/ Zephyr/tomcat/webapps/flex/WEB-INF/classes

  • Edit the file jdbc.properties and change the below parameter value to current directory path. Take a backup of the file before editing.
    • ZEPHYR_DATA=C:/Program Files/Zephyr/zephyrdata

      ex : ZEPHYR_DATA=D:/path/zephyrdata

  • Save the file.
  • Restart Zephyr Service

Verify the data :

  • Navigate to Testcase Creation and check if you are able to access all the attachments.
  • Navigate to Testcase Execution and check if you can access all the attachments
  • Navigate to Requirements and check if you can access all the attachments.
  • Create attachments for Requirements, Testcases, executions and TestSteps.
  • Check if the new attachments are created in the new location.

Roll Back Process :
If you find any file is not accessible or any unknown issues exists revert the changes.

** We recommend not to go for this approach unless you are not able to increase the data volume of current disk.

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