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How to include un-executed tests from previously executed cycle to current cycle

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Problem : Not able to add tests to current cycle that are not executed in the previous cycle.

Cause : While adding tests to a cycle from another cycle, you can only add tests that are executed atleast once.

Fix : you can achieve this by Bulk copy of executions from Tests -> Search Test Executions as a workaround.
Follow the below steps to add executions of status "UNEXECUTED" from Cycle A to Cycle B.
1. Navigate to Tests -> Search Test Executions
2. Search by ZQL Filter --> cycleName = "Cycle A" and executionStatus = UNEXECUTED
3. Select all executions using check box.
4. Navigate to Tools on the top right and select Copy to Cycle from the options.
5. From the pop-up dialog "Bulk Copy to existing/new Cycle" you can now choose the Project/Version/Cycle to copy the executions to desired cycle as in picture Bulk_Copy.png

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