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Unable to get the expanded value for the ZbotParameter @@ccname@@ in the Zbot.log

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Cycle name is not displaying in the Zbot.log when the script executed along with by entering below ZbotParameters.

@@uid@ @@@rid@@ @@cid@@ @@ccname@@ @@cpid@@ @@build@@ @@env@@ @@nid@@ @@nname@@


Please replace the @@ccname@@ parameter with @@cname@@ and run the script. Now it will display the respective cyclename in the Zbot.log

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Product : Zephyr Enterprise Edition

Summary:  Unable to get the expanded value for the ZbotPrameter @@ccname@@ in the Zbot.log After replacing it with @@cname@@ and ran the script. The cycle name displayed in the log.

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