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How to enable debug logging in Zephyr Enterprise/Community

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Zephyr by default writes info logs. These log entries can be found in the file "thedinc.log" located in "Zephyr_Installation_Directory/tomcat/logs". However some times it is useful to obtain the debug logs to get more clarity on an issue. Zephyr offers an API which can change the logging level to debug mode. Please fire the below mentioned REST API call to enable debug logging.

PUT: /flex/services/rest/latest/info/log?loglevel=DEBUG&package=com.thed.model


To change it back to normal, The following rest call can be used.

PUT: flex/services/rest/latest/info/log/reset



Title: How to enable debug logging in Zephyr Enterprise/Community

Product: Zephyr Enterprise, Community

Version: 4.7

Summary: Enabling debug logging in Zephyr Enterprise/Community


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