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REST quickExecute Error 404

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quickExecute gives 404 error


quickExecute had been deprecated quite some time ago (2013) and was just pulled, officially, as of 2.6.2 release of Zephyr for JIRA.


This is the replacement:

Perform execution on a existing Execution by its id. Here is a sample for the same.  PathParam: id\*. PUT /execution/{id}/execute > Content-Type: application/json { "status": "1" } < 200 < Content-Type: application/json { "id": 4, "executionStatus": "1", "executedOn": "Today 6:21 PM", "executedBy": "admin", "executedByDisplay": "admin", "comment": "", "htmlComment": "", "cycleId": 3, "cycleName": "Audit Test Cycle 2", "versionId": 10000, "versionName": "v1", "projectId": 10000, "issueId": 10001, "issueKey": "ZFJ-2", "summary": "test1", "label": "", "component": "c1" }


If the issue still persists please reach out to us at

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Title          : REST quickExecute Error 404

Product     :  ZAPI

Version     :  ZAPI 2.1

Summary  :  quickExecute has been removed.

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