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Fetching Test step details along with its steps status from the JIRA Database.

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Problem : Presently in Zephyr for JIRA versions, we do not have an option to search for all of test details with tests steps within an execution from GUI (based on the status of the step in the execution details).


Cause : When we want to find how many test steps have passed and how many test steps have failed (based on the status of the step in the execution details).


Fix : We can achieve this with the help of the SQL queries, using below tables of the JIRA DB.

Table names:

  • ao_7deabf_teststep : which has test steps  description, test step id ..etc
  • ao_7deabf_schedule : which shows the executions details like exec id exec status
  • ao_7deabf_step_result : which has test step results associated with test steps
  • jiraissue : this table has Jira issue details


Please note: You need to create a query with the help of joins to get desired details.

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