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Applying license in Linux environment

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I have replaced the expired license with the new one. Still I keep getting License Expired error.

2016-01-04 12:19:11,707 ERROR [localhost-startStop-1] ContextLoaderListener.initWebApplicationContext(89) | Error in creating Configuration, Please check DB Connection and restart ZephyrServer, If this persists, Please contact Zephyr Support

flex.messaging.LocalizedException: License Expired , Please Contact Zephyr Support


Most probably you have downloaded the license.lic file in a windows machine, moved the same to the linux server and applied there or copied and pasted the content of new license file in the old one. 


  1. Download fresh license from the email/ticket from Zephyr.
  2. Zip the file in windows machine where you have downloaded it
  3. Copy the Zip file to the linux server and extract there.
  4. Replace the old license file with the new one in %Zephyrroot%\zephyr\license
  5. Restart the server.

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Title:                    Applying license in Linux environment 

Product:               Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:               All

Summary:            Zip the license file while moving across the machines

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