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Fix for error: "Type 'Test' is not valid for your current Project(s) selection" in Issue Navigator

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User attempting to search test issues in Issue Navigator. Attempting to select 'Test' as a Issue Type filter gives error message: "Type 'Test' is not valid for your current Project(s) selection"


In order to search for a tes you have to associate the 'Test' Issue type with your project. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. As an Administrator, go to the Administration page and select 'Projects'

2. Select the desired project you wish to add the 'Test' issue type to and click on 'Edit Issue Types' from the 'Actions' drop-down

3. Drag the 'Test' issue type from the 'Available Issue Types' list to the 'Issue Types of Current Scheme' list and click the 'Save' button

You should now have the ability to work with the 'Test' issue type in the desired project.

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Zephyr for JIRA Cloud

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