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Sprint Execution Progress Reports/Gadget

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In "Test Execution Gadget/Report" a new enhancement has been introduced as "Sprint-Cycle" in "Group-By" drop down
-> Previously in Test Execution Gadget/Report user was able to filter executions by cycles/users/components

-> Cycles in the projects linked to sprints will also be displayed in the metrics/report along with the executions by selecting "Sprint-Cycle" in "group by" drop down
-> Number of Cycles/users/components to be displayed can be customized by mentioning the integer number in "Number of Cycles", "Number of Users" and "Number of Components" respectively
-> Also When user selects "Sprint-Cycle" user can decide/customize "how many sprints to display" and "how many cycles to be displayed in each sprint"


1. Create Tests
2. Create Cycle (single/Multiple) -> add the created tests to cycles
3. Create board -> create sprint (single/multiple) -> Link the cycles to the Sprint
4. In Test Execution Metrics/Reports -> select project/version -> in "group-by" down select "Sprint-Cycle"
When "Sprint-Cycle" is selected we get options:
a. Number of sprints:
-> Takes only integer number
-> If 0 is given then all sprints will be displayed
-> If 3 sprints are present and 100 is given in "Number of Sprints" then 3 sprints will be displayed
i.e if the integer value given is greater then the actual sprints present then all the sprints created in the board will be displayed.

b. Number of Cycles per Sprint:
-> Takes only integer number
-> If 0 is given then all cycles linked to sprint will be displayed
-> If 3 cycles are linked to sprint and 100 is given in "Number of Cycles per Sprint" then 3 cycles per sprint will be displayed
i.e if the integer value given is greater then the actual cycles linked then all the cycles linked to per sprint will be displayed

c. Sort By:
-> "Count" : if sort by is selected as count gadget/report will be filtered by number of cycles present in each sprint
-> "Date" : if sort by is selected as date gadget/report will be filtered by sprint which is started
Even if the sort is choosed as count/date sprints will be sorted according to alphabetical order
ex: If there are two sprints "abc" and "xzy", xzy has 3 cycles linked and abc has 1 cycle linked
if we select sort by as count even if xzy has more number of cycles "abc" sprint will be displayed first, since the sorting also happens according to alphabetical order

d. Show Others:
-> Works only when "Number of Sprints" and "Number of Cycles per Sprint" is not 0
-> If the "Number of Sprints" is given as 2 and if actually 3 sprints are present then 2 sprints will be displayed according to alphabetical order and remaining 1 sprint will be displayed under as others

5. Click "Next" and generate Report/ Click "Save" and generate gadget
6. X-axis contains the sprints along with cycles linked to sprint as bar graph


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Title:Sprint Execution Progress Reports/Gadget

Product: Zephyr for JIRA

Version: 3.1

Summary:  Sprint Execution Progress Reports/Gadget


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