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No Data returned - Test step Id's are not created once the Execution is created.

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Problem :

Not able to get test step id's using ZAPI after an execution is created unless the execution is viewed from the JIRA UI 

Fix : 

This is done for performance reasons and also to avoid database clutter unless steps execution is really needed.
However, to provide a way to create steps, getExecutionById API has been modified. You can pass checksteps to expand field.

  • After test is added to a cycle, get the execution ID and fire the below API to create step Id's.

Sample cURL:

F:>curl -u "admin":"password" --request GET "http://zephyr.example.com/rest/zapi/latest/execution/309?expand=checksteps
Response :
{"execution":{"id":309,"orderId":302,"executionStatus":"-1","comment":"","htmlComment":"","cycleId":9,"cycleName":"Release 2","versionId":10301,"versi
onName":"QA Release","projectId":10300,"createdBy":"vm_admin","modifiedBy":"vm_admin","issueId":14302,"issueKey":"JIRA-185","summary":"new test zapi",

  • Once you fire the above API the stepresult/stepid will be created.

Sample cURL: 

F:>curl -u "admin":"password" --request GET "http://zephyr.example.com/rest/zapi/latest/stepResult?executionId=309"
Response :

These API's are fired in order when they are implemented in any program for automation.


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