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Not able to create defect in JIRA from Zephyr

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When trying to create a defect with the existing fields(we don't have priority field in jira create screen), getting error "You don't have permission to set below fields [priority]".


JIRA assigns a default priority to an issue that is crated even if the same is not added to the create issue screen. You can see that the priority field is auto populated once the issue is created.


Please run the below query against your MySQL database to make required fields non mandatory as per your requirement.

SELECT id, entity_name, mandatory FROM field_config WHERE field_name = 'priority'
UPDATE field_config SET mandatory = b'0' WHERE id = 266

What it did  is to make the priority field non mandatory in Zephyr side, now you can file defect in Zephyr with leaving the priority field with value as "priority" itself.
It will create bug in JIRA and take the default priority value whatever is there in JIRA

Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title:Component, Version and Assignee are still showing mandatory in Zephyr 4.7

Product: Zephyr EE/CE

Version: 4.7

Summary: An SQL query has to run against the upgraded data to make the fields non mandatory in Zephyr.


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