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Customizable remote linking relations

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How to customize remote links in Zephyr for JIRA


1. In ZFJ-2.6, Remote links are configurable.

From System -> Issue Linking, user can edit and delete existing links. User also has the capability to create custom links.

2. In Addons -> Zephyr General Configuration, user can configure LinkType for Test --> Defect relation by selecting any existing or custom links and reset. All the remote links will be of this Linktype.

3. User also has the capability of inversing the link relation by selecting Inverse issue links directionality and resetting. This changes the direction of the linkType.

For example, if remote links created were "Duplicates" in Test and "is duplicated by" in Defects, the direction of the links are reversed.

4. Following is an example of issue links in Test:


Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title:Customizable remote linking relations

Product: Zephyr for JIRA

Version: 2.6

Summary: Customizable remote linking relations is allowed in Zephyr for JIRA version 2.6


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