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Execution history for individual tests now available

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How do I see the execution history for individual tests.


Zephyr for JIRA V 2.6 includes feature to see the execution history of a test case.

The below can be achived by this feature:

1.Displays a list of changes that have been made for test executions,It displays what was changed (from, to) and who changed it and when.

2.DIsplay changes made on test execution status,assigned to,defects,comments.
3. Display maximum 5 changes made on test executions in execution test page.
4. All changes made on test executions can be viewed by clicking on show more option.

Please note the current limitations:

It won't give changes made on test and step attachments.
It won't give changes made on test step executions.

Feature explained in the release note:



Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title:Execution history for individual tests now available

Product: Zephyr for JIRA

Version: 2.6

Summary: The history for individual executions can be viexec from the test Execution page


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