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How to assign Execution to User in Zephyr for JIRA

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How do I assign execution to a user in Zephyr for JIRA Server.


Solution:Executions can be assigned to users by following 4 ways:

From View issue page:

-Click on "Execute" button ,in View issue page & assign executions to Current user i.e "Me" or Other user i.e "Person" & Execute Test

-Select "Add to Test cycle(s)" button from More Actions menu, in View issue page & assign executions to "Me" or  "Person" 

-Create a test ,In view issue page click on “here” link and assign executions to "Me" or  "Person" 

--To deselect assignee , press CTRL + Click

From Plan cycle page:

- Add tests to adhoc or non-adhoc cycle individually/via search filter/from another cycle, in Plan cycle page & assign executions to "Me" or  "Person" 

- To deselect assignee , press CTRL + Click


From Execute Test :

Executions can be quick assign/re-assign/unassign from Execute test page .

-To deselect assignee from Execute Test page, press CTRL + Click

From Execution Navigator:

- Search in ZQL query by assignee supports =, !=, is, is not, not in, in, OR, AND  operators

- We can search executions from execution navigator page by pre-defined filter "Assigned to Me" 

List view:

- Bulk assign/re-assign/unassign executions to Me or Person can be done from execution navigator list view page .

Not selecting any option and saving will result in unassignment of the executions during bulk Assignment operation .

Details view:

- Executions can be quick assign/re-assign/unassign from Execution Navigator details view page .

Feature explained with the release note:


Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title: How do I assign executions to a user.

Product: Zephyr for JIRA

Version: 2.6

Summary: All the 4 ways to do it is described above.


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