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Zephyr Blueprint For Confluence :How to Add/Delete any gadget URL in 'Gadget Specifications' or 'Gadget Feeds'?

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1. Login to Confluence.

2. Click on the 'Cog' button on the top right side of the page. Select the 'General Configuration' option.

3. Choose the 'External Gadgets' option in the left panel.

4. Click on the 'Gadget Specifications' or 'Gadget Feeds'.

a) For 'Gadget Specifications', a gadget URL looks like From the 'Gadget Specifications' option you can register the external gadgets one by one.

In the below screenshot you can find that, 'Zephyr Test Execution gadget' URL is added to the Gadget Specifications.

URL : http://localhost:8627/rest/gadgets/1.0/g/



After adding the URL, please navigate to confluence page. Click on the 'Insert' option, then select the 'Other Macros' option from drop down. Here you can find the added 'Zephyr Test Execution gadget' as shown in the below screenshot.



b)For 'Gadget Feeds', a gadget URL looks like or From the 'Gadget Feeds' option you can subscribe to all of the application's gadgets.

Example : We have added the URL http://localhost:8627 to Gadget Feeds as shown in the below screenshot.


You can also 'delete' the added gadget URL under the 'Actions'.

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