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add-on zephyr for jira cloud is not responding. wait or cancel?

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After installing Zephyr for JIRA Cloud plugin getting message add-on zephyr for jira cloud is not responding. wait or cancel?


* Plugin Version (Click on test drop down>About Zephyr)

* Is the License current?

* Have you restored from a JIRA backup recently?

* Re-index JIRA then Zephyr for JIRA.

- Re-index JIRA 
1.Log in as a user with the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission. 
2.Choose Administration > System 
3.Select Advanced > Indexing on the left pane to open the Indexing Page 
4.This page allows you to choose one of the following two re-indexing options: 
a. Background re-index — This will re-index all issues in the background. 
b. Lock JIRA and rebuild index — This will delete and rebuild all indices, including the comment and change history indices. 
5.Select Background re-index and Click on Re-Index. 
This will complete re-indexing JIRA.

- Re-index Zephyr for JIRA: 
1. In JIRA Administration, navigate to the Plugins Menu item. 
2. Select the menu item "Zephyr for JIRA" under Add-ons. 
3. In the General Configuration Screen that comes up, click "Re-Index."

- Uninstall and re-install the plugin (this will involve unsubscribing and disabling. Billing will NOT be affected in any way by these actions.)


Please check the above and reach out to Zephyr Support if the issue still persists.


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Title: add-on zephyr for jira cloud is not responding. wait or cancel?

Product: Zephyr for JIRA Cloud

Version: All

Summary: Disable and enable the Zephyr for JIRA Cloud plugin and it should work.

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