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How to integrate Zephyr Enterprise/Community with Jenkins

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Zephyr can now be integrated with Jenkins using "Zephyr Enterprise Test Management plugin" to publish unit test results. The plugin is open-source and can be  downloaded from Jenkins repository or from Zephyr utilities repository . It supports publishing maven surefire format test results to Zephyr (JUnit and TestNG).


The plugin adds a new post build action called "Publish test result to Zephyr Enterprise". We can upload the Unit test results to zephyr by adding this action in the job definition.


Refer to Jenkins Space for detailed description on how to install the plugin and configure a job.


Below is a summary of steps: 

  1. Log in to your Jenkins with administrator privileges.
  2. Go to Manage Jenkins ==> Manage Plugins and click the tab "Available"
  3. Enter "Zephyr Enterprise Test Management plugin" or simply "Zephyr" in the "Filter" search box. You should be seeing the Zephyr plugin filtered now.
  4. Check the box that appears before the "Zephyr Enterprise Test Management plugin" and install it.
  5. Go to Manage Jenkins ==> Configure System.
  6. Locate the menu item "Zephyr Server Configuration"
  7. Click "Add". Enter a valid server and it's credentials. Click "Test Configuration" and ensure the validation is successful. You can add more than one servers by clicking the "Add" again.
  8. Save the changes.
  9. Create a "Freestyle project" job, give it a name and click "OK"
  10. Define the flow of the job (The source project should have JUnit tests and the job must be run as a maven build).
  11. Add "Publish JUnit test result report" as a post build action and enter the relative path of the result file.
  12. Add "Publish test result to Zephyr Enterprise" as a post build action
  13. Select the desired project, release and cycle details. Save the configuration.


The job has now been configured and when this job is run as per the triggering mechanism used, it will publish the surefire test results to zephyr.




Title:  Zephyr Integration with Jenkins

Product:  Zephyr Enterprise, Community

Version:  4.5.X+

Summary: Integrating zephyr with Jenkins using Zephyr Enterprise Test Management plugin


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