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Example scenarios for using ZQL in Testcase EAS under Zephyr 4.7

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In Zephyr 4.7 you have options for quick and advanced search in order to add the testcases to free form phase within the project release. 


1. Navigate to Testcase EAS.

2. Select the existed cycle that has a free form phase to which you wish to add the test cases.

3.Click on "+" button at top left side of the page.

4.Select "Search". Here you have 2 options .

i)Quick search:

->This searches across Testcases with just the search term that was entered.


ii)Advanced search :

->Advanced Search has been upgraded with the addition of the Zephyr Query Language (ZQL) that allows for really powerful search capabilities.

->ZQL is a simple structured query language that allows you to string together the right fields to search on with values, using the appropriate operators and keywords.

->The search box allows auto-completion making it really easy to construct a query. With the cursor in the search box, select the spacebar on your keyboard to show a list of fields, operators, keywords and values.


Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title : Example scenarios for using ZQL in Testcase EAS under Zephyr 4.7

Product : Zephyr.

Version : 4.7



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