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Executions are missing on Zephyr for jira cloud.

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Unable to see the executions under Search Test Execution page.


We have pushed the latest upgrade for the cloud server at 10 P.M. PST on 6-25-2015. The upgrade needs to be carried out manually on the client side.



-Please navigate to Manage add-ons as Administrator.

-Click on Upgrade next to Zephyr for JIRA Cloud.(Screenshot attached)

-Once the upgrade is done, re-index JIRA and Zephyr for JIRA Cloud respectively.


Once the above steps are carried out, you should be able to see the executions.

Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title: Unable to see test executions on Zephyr for JIRA Cloud.

Product: Zephyr for JIRA Cloud

Version: 1.4

Summary: Upgrade Zephyr for JIRA plugin, re-index both JIRA and Zephyr for JIRA Cloud respectively.

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