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Sample REST API - Update execution status of a testcase (JAVA)

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Attached code is used to update the execution status of a testcase. The required parameter is the ScheduleID  which can be founded by using method getTestScheduleByCriteria.The program for getschedulesbycriteria is given on the following link


Also the execution status in this code is set to "2" which is "FAIL" and is passed as payload. You can use id 1= PASS and 3 = WIP


See attached for downloadable copy

Zephyr Enterprise/Community Javadocs : http://support.yourzephyr.com/api_help/4.7/javadocs/index.html

Sourced software:

- Java

- Zephyr Socket Server Library 4.6.X+


Title:  API Sample - Update Execution with Results (Java)

Product:  Zephyr Enterprise, Community

Version:  4.6.X+

Summary:  Sample REST API - Update execution status of a testcase (JAVA)

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