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Zephyr Enterprise/Community and ZBot Compatibility with Windows 10

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Is Zephyr Enterprise/Community 4.7 and ZBot compatible on Windows 10?


Yes, Zephyr 4.7 and ZBot are tested on and compatible with Windows 10. 

If you have installed ZBot as a service and are attempting to use it for automation integration, note that newer version of Windows (Vista, 7 ,8, 10) have 'interactive service' that is supposed to enhance security by blocking services from opening other programs that have a GUI

ZBot can be manually started through command line as follows:

a. Navigate to <ZBot_Home>/bin directory.

b. Run the following command: wrapper.exe ..\conf\wrapper.conf 

This will start ZBot in CMD-mode and stop the ZBot service once the window is closed. 

Also refer to this article to make ZBot a Windows startup process.



Knowledge Document Information


Title:                     Zephyr Enterprise/Community Compatibility with Windows 10 

Product:                 Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:                 4.7

Summary:              ZBot gets stuck on interactive services but running ZBot                                     during startup will get around this






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