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Error: "Estimated Time is not valid"

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Getting the following error when trying to import the testcases-

"Comments on: Jan 12, 2015 15:39:39
file:///C:/Program Files/Zephyr/zephyrdata/import/17/import_testcases.xls estimated time is not valid in row(s)' 7' and/or above"


'Estimated Time' Zephyr field value in the excel file is not in the dd:hh:mm format and unable to format Excel cell in that way(includes the calendar date in formula bar).

Is there a way of formatting the excel cell that would allow importing of excel file successfully along with the 'Estimated Time' field?


Please follow the below work around-

1) In the excel file, please select the Estimated time column "I"as shown in the below screenshot. Right click on it. Then go to "Format cells".

2) In Number tab, select "Text" then click on "OK" button. This will change the column data type to text.

3) Now try to import the excel file.


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Title : Getting the "Estimated Time is not valid" error while importing testcases.

Product : Zephyr.

Version : All


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