Update for our Zephyr for Jira Server/DataCenter customers : Our team is working on a major version release of Zephyr for Jira to be compatible with Jira 8 .The tentative ETA for the release of this compatible version is by end of March 2019.Please watch this space and anticipate further notifications from the Zephyr team on the updates with regards to the release of the same.Till then we suggest you to use lower version of Jira for seamless operations of Zephyr plugin.For any further feedback , follow up queries or suggestions kindly 'Submit a Ticket' with us.
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ZFJ Cloud - Unable to create Tests - errors with modified JIRA project permissions

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ZFJ Cloud - Unable to create Tests - trying to load the plugin indefinately


Zephyr for JIRA Cloud is installed but removed/does not have required permissions


Please confirm if the issuetype Test is configured to the project in which user is working by going to the "Issue type Scheme" page.
Check the below permissions are assigned respectively. Missing any one of them may lead to unknown issues.

1. Below Addon User Exists:
=> Navigate to Administration —> User Management and check for the user "addon_com.thed.zephyr.cloud"

2. Group membership for Addon User: The User addon_com.thed.zephyr.cloud should be a member of all the below groups.
=> atlassian-addons or atlassian-addons-admin
=> jira-users

3. Global Permission : The group "atlassian-addons-admin" has JIRA Administrators permission
=> Navigate to Administration -> System -> Security -> Global Permissions
=> Under permissions JIRA Administrators contains atlassian-addons-admin as a group

4. Project Role assigned for the Addon user "addon_com.thed.zephyr.cloud":
=> Navigate to Administration —> System -> Security -> Roles
=> Check the role atlassian-addons-project-access Cantains the User - addon_com.thed.zephyr.cloud as a member

5. Project Permission : Add the role to all permissions
=> Navigate to Administration -> Projects -> <Select any Project> -> Administration -> Permissions

=> Add the role "atlassian-addons-project-access" to all project Permissions

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