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When I try to add a new test execution cycle in Testcase EAS I cannot select any dates for the year YYYY (eg:2015) as there is no 2015 option in the year drop-down. I can only select dates up to Dec 31, 2014.

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It seems The calendar in the Testcase EAS application will only show available days that fall between the Project’s start and end dates.(Please refer the screenshots attached)

If the project End Date in the “Project Setup” application is 12/31/14, when you to

try to extend the existing cycle date in “Testcase EAS” the dates beyond the End Date will be greyed out and month change won’t be editable.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to extend a project’s end date field:

1)Please login as a test manager. In department view, go to “Project Setup” application. On this screen, please select the project . A small window pops up, please change the “End Date” to the date beyond 12/31/14 (e.g. 01/22/2014)

2) Please go to your respective Project view -> Testcase EAS. Select the cycle for which you want to extend the date, a window pops up. Here, please select the end date in calendar, it will now allow you to enter date from Jan.





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