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Test steps are not exported while exporting testcases to the word file.

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Can't export test steps to the word file.


There are a few reasons why this can happen. Please see below for troubleshooting fixes.


It's look like you are using custom screen "View Test case Screen" to view the test case rather than the default screen.
For this screen the zephyr teststep field is not configured.
During the import to doc the utility will fetch all the fields that are configured for that screen. Hence the teststeps are missing.

To fix this issue configure Zephyr Teststep field to the screen "View Test Case Screen" and check by exporting to doc.

To do this please follow below steps :
1) Login Jira as a user with admin credentials.
2) Navigate to Administration -> Issues -> Screens and click screens.
3) Select the screen "View Test Case Screen" from the listed screens and click "configure" on the right side under operations.
4) In the configure screen page scroll down to bottom and select "Zephyr Teststep" field from the select drop down to add it to screen as in picture Add_field_to_Screen.png
5) Once it is added export the test to check if the teststeps are exported.

Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title          : Cannot export test steps to the word file.

Product     : Zephyr for JIRA.

Version     : For all version.

Summary  : Please add "Zephyr Teststep" field from the select drop down to add it to the "Configure Screen".

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