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ZFJ Importer Utility error - Testcase name not exists in '' block

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ZFJ Importer Utility - Unable to import testcases
Throws error Testcase name not exists in '' block as below
Sat Feb 14 12:27:22 IST 2015 file:///C:/Users/Desktop/Uploader.xlsx Testcase name not exists in '' block
Sat Feb 14 12:27:22 IST 2015 file:///C:/Users/Desktop/Uploader.xlsx normalization failed..!


This error will be thrown when field mapping is not appropriate with respect to the discriminator used.


Please make note of below points for a success import :
1) After we select type ‘Test’, we will want to take a look at the file we will be importing to select a proper Discriminator, Row Number, and columns to map.
2) Each test step should be in a different(new) row no matter remaining fields are empty.
3) Discriminator should be appropriate as explained below the excel format.
By Id Change - Utility checks for external Id change for each Testcase (not teststeps), if you map the Id field of teststeps it treats the step to be a testcase.
By Empty Row - Utility checks for an empty row between each testcase. If no empty row exists all the testcases are treated as one testcase.
By Testcase name Change - Utility checks for the Testcase name change for each testcase in the excel rows for the mapped Name field in excel.
4) Starting Row should be the first row # of testcase data in excel excluding headers.
5) Cells should not be merged or should not contain multiple steps in one cell.
*ZFJ Importer Utility supports all the major fields though it has some limitations with custom fields, Mostly duplicate custom fields for Label/Assignee/component/version fields are not supported.

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