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Hot backup is not creating after restoring Zephyr Enterprise/community backup of linux to windows.

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Hot backup path is not changing while restoring backup of Linux(SaaS) to windows.


There are a few reasons why this can happen. Please see below for troubleshooting fixes.


Follow below suggestions to change hotBackup.sh file name:
1.Open command prompt as a admin.
2.Navigate to the Zephyr Mysql path(C:\Program Files\Zephyr\mysql\bin).
3.Run command <mysql -uroot -proot> and then <use itcc;>.
4.After navigation to the database execute the following update Query.

UPDATE preference_system SET VALUE='${ZEPHYR_HOME}/backup_restore/bin/hotBackup.bat' WHERE VALUE='${ZEPHYR_HOME}/backup_restore/bin/hotBackup.sh';

Note: Please change the hotbackup.sh path if it is in a different location.

Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title: Hotback up path is not changing while restoring backup of Linux to windows.

Product: Zephyr Enterprise/Community Edition.

Version: Till current version.

Summary: Run update query to change hotBackup.sh file name for windows.

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