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Zephyr for JIRA 2.5.1 incompatible with JIRA 6.3.10/6.3.11

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Cannot start Zephyr at all. The plugin is disabled with the status: INCOMPATIBLE - -UPDATE REQUESTED.


Zephyr for JIRA 2.5.1 is not compatible with JIRA 6.3.10/ 6.3.11


Zephyr for JIRA 2.5.2 has been released which addresses the compatibility with JIRA 6.3.10/6.3.11 and other fixes.
Perform a normal upgrade via the UPM and make sure to re index JIRA and then re index Zephyr for JIRA to start seeing the data.
You can find further information here:
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Title:                Zephyr for JIRA incompatible with JIRA 6.3.10/6.3.11     

Product:            Zephyr for JIRA

Version:             2.5.1 or below

Summary:          Unable to use Zephyr for JIRA 2.5.1 after upgrade to JIRA 6.3.10/6.3.11 


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