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Sample - Fetch, Execute, and Update Test Issues and Executions

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Code searches for, by JQL query, issues and appends all the ID's to a list. Then takes the ID list and assigns them all the a Ad-Hoc cycle. ZAPI will return the execution ID of the newly assigned test issues and appends them all to a new list. Finally, the list is used to then quick executes each assignment through a loop. As a bonus, the code links a predetermined defect to the newly executed executions.


See attached for downloadable copy

ZAPI documentation: http://docs.getzephyr.apiary.io/

Sourced software:

- Python (Sample created in v2.7.5)

- Requests 2.3.0 (Latest version here: http://docs.python-requests.org/en/latest/)


Title:  Sample - Fetch, Execute, and Update Test Issues and Executions

Product:  ZAPI

Version:  Zephyr for JIRA 2.1+, ZAPI 1.0+

Summary:  Gather test issues in a project, assign for execution, and update executions with results

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