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Forgotten test.manager role password and unable to log in

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I forgot the password to the test.manager role. Now I can not log in. 


Forgotten password. 


The following instructions will assist you in manually resetting the test.manager roles password back to "test.manager". If you are a SaaS user and you forgot your password, please contact Zephyr support.


1. Make a backup of your database.

As administrator, open a command line prompt and navigate to: 
<Zephyr Root>\backup_restore\bin


Following the on screen instructions. Keep the backup in a safe place until after you have confirmed the password change is successful.

2. Stop the Zephyr Server.

Navigate to:

>net stop zephyrserver

Wait for the server to stop.

3. Connect to the MySQL datbase.

Navigate to:

>bin\mysql -uroot -proot itcc

3. After you have connected to the database, type:

>select id, username, password from user;

This shows a table of usernames and encrypted passwords.

4. Change this entry to the original encrypted password for “test.manager”. Type:

>update user set password="6cf5b5v6n38ed8a0538104d745c17f6a873b732b04b8" where id=1;

5. This has changed the test.manager password to "test.manager"

6. Start the Zephyr server
net start Zephyr Server
Wait for the server to start

7. Via the UI, verify that the test.manager's password is now




Title:                Forgotten test.manager role password and unable to log in.    

Product:            Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:             4.1, 4.5, 4.6

Summary:          I forgot the password to the test.manager role.Now I can't login.


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