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How to make JIRA Component And Version Not Mandatory in linux

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Users can not create defects from inside of Zephyr. Error message states fields must be filled out in order to submit defect. Component areas may be blank.


Zephyr's defect submission expectations is based on the JIRA default. However, some instances choose to disable components from being mandatory or don't use it at all.


Here are the instructions for making component "Not Mandatory" in your Zephyr-JIRA integration: 

1. Make a backup of your database. 

As administrator, open a command line prompt and navigate to <Zephyr Root>\backup_restore\bin
Following the on screen instructions. Keep the backup in a safe place until after you have confirmed the field change is successful. 

2. Stop the Zephyr Server:
 and go to %ZEPHYR_INSTALL_DIR%/apache-tomcat-5.5.28/bin

./catalina.sh stop

Wait for the server to stop.

3 Connect to the MySQL database:
In the same command line window, run the following command:
mysql -uroot -proot itcc

Once connected to the mysql database, adjust the field: 
update field_config set mandatory = NULL where id = 270;

4. Restart the Zephyr server:
go to %ZEPHYR_INSTALL_DIR%/apache-tomcat-5.5.28/bin

./catalina.sh start

Return into Zephyr and file a defect without a component to confirm the change was successful. 


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Title:                       Linux instructions for making JIRA component not mandatory

Product:                 Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:                 All

Summary:              Zephyr does not allow users to create defects because mandatory                                             fields are not available. Modifying the database to make these                                                   fields non-mandatory fixes the issue




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