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How to Edit the Hot Backup path

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I want my hot backups to be placed somewhere else once taken. How do I do this?


How to Edit the Hot Backup path


To change the hot backup path:
This needs to be done in two places so that the write action of the hot backup and the “delete the oldest when there are 12” actions are both edited.
It is very important to use the same path string in both places. Otherwise, the limiter that keeps limits on the number of saved hot backups will fail to work and your disk will eventually fill up. Zephyr is programmed to keep 12 hot backups. After enough time for 13 or more to collect, verify that only the most recent 12 are kept. Then you will have confirmed your changes are the same.
1. Take a backup of your current database structure by navigating to <Zephyr Root>\backup_restore\bin and running backupall.bat as an administrator. This provides you with a database to restore in case it is needed.
2. The batch file:
Navigate to <Zephyr Root>\backup_restore\bin\ and open the hotBackup.bat file in a text editor.
Line 15 of the file reads:
set backup_directory_location_main=C:\Program Files(x86)\Zephyr\ftp\backup\hot
Change the Path string after the “=” to your desired path string.
3. The Database value:
In a administrator command prompt session, navigate to <ZephyrRoot>\mysql
bin\mysql –uroot –proot  itcc
UPDATE preference_system SET VALUE = '<desired_path_string'WHERE NAME ='backup.directory.path' ;



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Title:                 How to Edit the Hot Backup path     

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Summary:           I want my hot backups to be placed somewhere How do I do this


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