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How to capture a memory dump

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Server memory is acting unusual or support has requested a memory dump.


A memory dump can help troubleshoot certain specific issues happening in a service such as Zephyr and are sometimes required for troubleshooting issues.


Caution: Memory dumps take the amount of memory in use and write a file of the same size. If you have 2 gigs of memory in use, the memory dump will be a 2 gig file. Before proceeding, verify you have enough disk space available at your write destination for the dump.



                jmap -dump:file=dump.txt -J-d64 $PID  


                (if jmap is not in path, use fully qualified path $JAVA_HOME/bin/jmap)

                (remove -J-d64 flag, if 32 bit java in use)


                psexec -s "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jmap" -dump:file=dump.txt %PID%


                (download pstools from sysInternals, if not already downloaded)


$PID : process Id of Zephyr Server

If requested by support, please email the dump file or upload it to our FTP for review.



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Title:                      How to capture a memory dump

Product:                 Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:                 All

Summary:              Support may request memory dumps, this is how they are performed                                        and at what times.


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