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Bug Fix Summary - Release 3.3.x

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Below is a summary of all notable bug fixes included in Zephyr for JIRA Server 3.3.2:

  • Fixed rare issue with MSSQL and PostGres JIRA databases
  • Fixed Zephyr-JIRA.log reporting excessive search result responses in INFO level

Below is a summary of all notable bug fixes included in Zephyr for JIRA Server 3.3:

  • Fixed email addresses being exposed even when hidden in JIRA
  • Fixed endless re-index issue for data center users
  • Fixed the order in which cycles appear in "Add test Cycle(s)" window
  • Removed 'Unexecuted' from legend of Test Execution gadget since 'Unexecuted' could not appear
  • Fixed issue adding steps when using the specific browser and version: Firefox 38.0.x
  • Fixed issue key being displayed in audit history instead of issue ID
  • Fixed issue where adding tests to a cycle with over 100,000 entries could make the cycle count increase and unable to be deleted until the JIRA service was restarted
  • Fixed improper error prompt when adding invalid defects in bulk
  • Fixed Test Summary page showing "-1" execution counts sometimes
  • Fixed error thrown when a large test is assigned to a cycle - even when successful

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