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Bug Fix Summary - 5.0.2

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Below is a summary of the notable bug fixes present in the 5.0.2 release of Zephyr Enterprise coming from previous versions before 5.0.

  • Removed duplicate service calls
  • Fixed 'Transaction Rollback' error present when launching release summary while a JIRA connection is lost
  • Fixed issue where role IDs were being creating with 6 when the DB was restarted
  • Fixed 'Search' REST API returning a '1' response when giving 'totalRows'
  • Fixed login status not updating in Resource Management tool when a network interruption or tab force-kill was handled but the license count would decrease
  • Fixed 'Change Password' screen message during first-time login when not using an authentication system
  • Fixed 'Change Password' screen showing when is should not during first-time login with external authentication system
  • Fixed issue where custom role users were not able to open attachments in Test Execution tool

Known Issues as of 5.0.2

  • Paginated sorting only sorts the current page instead of the whole query
  • Drag-and-drop attachment from local folder to defect currently not working as intended
  • Empty error message when drag-and-drop testcase or requirement to a incorrect destination
  • Incorrect date picker field value displayed in defect tracking
  • Restricted project nodes show in global import options incorrectly
  • Notifications are sometimes not intuitive as to what change was made

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