Having issue with our Importer utility for Zephyr for Jira Cloud.Please click here for the steps to resolve the issue.
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Unable to connect to JIRA Cloud DTS using Zephyr Enterprise - Error: defectAdminProvider - (6245000)

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Not able to connect to JIRA Cloud or query defects via the Defect Tracking System in Zephyr Enterprise .

"Error: defectAdminProvider - (6245000)
There seems to be an error in operation performed. Please contact Zephyr Support if this persists."


Probably you are using JIRA Cloud to connect to via defect Tracking system.If so you will find issues to access defects in JIRA. Atlassian's Jira Cloud/On Demand had some changes pushed over the weekend which is causing the issue.


Our team is working on the fix and will release it to customers as a patch fix to be applied.Kindly raise a ticket by using the option "Submit a Case" after signing up or logging into "https://support.getzephyr.com/hc/en-us".We will update you of the fix and share with you the steps via the ticket raised.

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