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Choosing selected custom fields to show up in Zephyr Enterprise

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Title: I don't want to display all my custom fields and I want to choose which custom fields will show up in Zephyr. 

Fix: Follow the below steps to filter the custom fields you'd like to see

1. Go to Defects Admin -> Preferences -> Custom Fields and click on Add

2. This will create a new flag for your defect tracking application. After clicking on 'Add' in the 'Name' section use DTS.CUSTOMFIELD.BA.LIST

Make sure to replace the BA in the Name to your Project Key in JIRA. So in this case the 'BA' represents the project key in JIRA. 

3. In the 'Value' section enter 'customfield_<customfieldID>' . Replace the <customfieldID> with the ID from your JIRA. This can be a ',' seperated value to have more than one custom field. 

Note that if this property is active then only the custom fields provided will appear in Zephyr, all the other custom fields for this JIRA project will be hidden. 

Check the screenshot below. 

In the above screenshot, I have a property that points to 'TES' project in JIRA and uses more than one custom field using the ',' seperator. 



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