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Sample - Execution Report(CSV) For Cycle By Version

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Problem  : How to create an Execution Report (CSV) for Cycle By Version

Solution :

Sample java code is provided for reference.

  • Attached code uses a given project and version ID to construct a report template in CSV format.
  • It then gets all cycles in the given Project-Version combination.
  • With the cycle information gathered, the code will grab all executions inside the cycles and add execution count group by execution status as a row in the report.
  • Finally, it creates final totals for various columns and adds them as a final row before completion. 
  • The report is created in the specified drive, "cycleExecutionReport.csv" in F drive is created using the sample.
  • Sample Report attached for reference.

Refer the link to download the sample 

ZAPI Cloud Interactive documentation: http://docs.zfjcloud.apiary.io/

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